Accepted for publication in NRJ: “Changes in the African American Press from 1993 to 2013”


Last month, the research paper, “Changes in the African American Press from 1993 to 2013” was accepted for publication in an upcoming edition of Newspaper Research Journal (NRJ).

The authors of the paper are:

  • Dr. Stephen Lacy (Michigan State University)
  • Dr. Sandra L. Combs (Arkansas State University)
  • Daniel H. Krier (Michigan State University)

Paper Abstract:

This study examines business trends for African American newspapers from 1993 to 2013, the period in which digital distribution emerged and the Great Recession occurred. By 2013, roughly 151 weeklies existed, a net loss of 30 weeklies over two decades. During this time, paid circulation declined, free circulation increased, open line advertising rates increased, and the percentage of weeklies owned by groups increased slightly.  African American newspapers were more aggressive than general circulation weeklies in adding websites.