Beginning Sept. 2020: Online Tutoring and Screen Learning Instruction


This is my teaching motto. It motivates me to prepare individually crafted lessons that challenge your child to meet their exact learning needs.

I have been working as an online tutor since March of 2020 when the quarantine began. Over Zoom meetings, I share my iPad Pro screen in order to walk students through lessons of all subjects and difficulty levels. Writing, English, math, science, history, verbal communication, logic & philosophy… all topics can be explored in depth.

My background as a lifelong learner has enabled me to fully comprehend the complex connections in the world around us. It has given me the ability to answer the “WHY?” questions that students so often ask. It enables me to tell students exactly why it is they are learning what they have been tasked to learn.

I am able to help tutor students in one-on-one 1-hour sessions, providing individual lessons that meet the specific needs of any student, at any level of education. Additionally, I am always happy to assist with school lessons and homework.

When we work together, I will instruct your child on the process of HOW one acquires information to learn. They see on the screen how I shift from our notebook workspace to Google Maps, Google Searches, Wikipedia, Newspapers, and other educational learning websites. This keeps it fresh and makes it fun, because ultimately, your child is choosing what they want to learn, and I will help them learn that. Period.

As a Ph.D. in communications and behavioral science, I understand the intricacies of connecting with the people I instruct. I NEVER put undue pressure on my students. I want them to have fun and to become inspired by the wonder of discovering new things in the world.

I am here to help connect the dots in life. I use an integrated, holistic approach to education that gives students the clarity to see that knowledge is a universe of interconnected ideas. For instance, gaining an understanding of science & math helps boost one’s knowledge of language, vocabulary, & writing. And vice versa.

The greatest joy of my professional life is to help people learn so that they can grow to be successful adults. I want everyone to be kind, have empathy, and to be considerate. If I can help even one person in life each day, I have fulfilled my duty on this planet.