2014 FIFA World Cup Breakdown

2014 FIFA World Cup Breakdown with Dan Krier & Brooks Laimbeer

Author: Daniel H. Krier, Ph.D.

Hello. My name is Dan Krier, or officially, Dr. Daniel Herman Krier, Ph.D. I am a writer, researcher, and professor. I hold a Ph.D. in Sports Communications (Information and Media) from Michigan State University. Prior to that, I worked as a sports journalist and lived in Los Angeles, where I earned an M.F.A. degree in screenwriting from the University of Southern California Film School (the USC School of Cinematic Arts). I received a B.A. in cellular & molecular biology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. As you can tell, I love learning, and I love to teach. I have worked as a teacher and professor since 2009. I have taught Kindergarden through 12th grade, as well as undergraduate courses (including one in which I wrote the textbook). My greatest joy in life is to help others learn!Consumption and Sports Marketing.

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